Be Gentle With Yourself - 8x10 by HEARTMADEARTS (22.00 USD)

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Last week was another stop on a list of excellent adventures with peregrinationem. Folly Beach and Charleston made for quite the vacation. A good time to get away and just enjoy time off together after being apart for the summer. We spent a lot of time beaching, swimming, eating, and exploring. From hour and a half beach walks to ethical discussions on a pier. From local beer and fried food to Nutella and banana crepes for breakfast. From making crab friends to posing on trees. I love all adventures with her. This is a good one for the books. And we got to see both of our families, so that was good too.

She’s the best adventure partner. Truly. 

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This post always slaps me in the face

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"Call Me Maeby" April 2013, Nylon Magazine

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